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WP Multi Network Support For Clone Over

I noticed that between NS Cloner Pro and NS Cloner V3 the Clone Over Existing Site feature changed, I see that it's pulling in a list of sites. One dilemma that I just ran into with V3 Clone Over is the fact that I can't clone over Multi Networks. Reference:

With WP Multi Network, I can quickly park a domain and have or deployed with a basic WordPress blog. With NS Cloner Pro (I think it was 2.1.5) I could look at that new site/blog id and clone a template over it.

With the way Clone Over pulls in sites, it seems to ignore WP Multi Network sites. I would love to clone over over

I am always willing to provide feedback and testing for this feature. And if you point out area's within the plugin, I can always tinker. Thanks guys!

-Eddi Hughes

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  • Jeff commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    it works great on my multisite with no issues at all. I do have one question...can I deactivate it on sub-sites that I will never need to clone or be cloned over without causing issues? Thanks

  • AdminNever Settle (Technology Architecture, Never Settle) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I gotcha now! Thank you for the additional details. So, the critical piece that's missing here between V2 and V3 is that previously you could manually input the ID for clone over and that worked well in your process.

    I get it!

    While it might not be "official" Multi Network support, we should be able to add an option to manually specify an ID (or) use the existing drop-down in clone over mode. That shouldn't be too hard and should hopefully get you back to your V2 workflow. We'll take a look at that! Thanks again!

  • Eddi Hughes commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Multi Network is similar to Domain Mapping, however instead of "mapping" a domain onto an existing subdomain the Multi Network plugin just creates a new blog with the full domain information in the wpdb; _options _blogs _site _sitemeta all include the new domain.

    In V2 Pro, my workflow is like this:
    1.) Point newly registered domain to either my DNS or point IP
    2.) Park domain on hosting server
    3.) Navigate to /wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=add-new-network and create a new Multi Network
    4.) Obtain the site id by navigating to and hovering over Edit here:
    5.) Go to NS Cloner Pro on the parent domain; Select template site, name target, Clone Over Existing Site, enter Target Site ID, select additional options (existing posts, media, users, Smart Search)

    This workflow in V2 works fine, Multi Network treats new "networks" as if it's a new multi-site in the database; but instead of having in the _options table, it just has the full domain. This includes the _blogs _site and _sitemeta

    In V2 I haven't ran into any issues using this workflow with WP Multi Network, I've cloned over existing sites where an established site needed to be scrapped.

  • AdminNever Settle (Technology Architecture, Never Settle) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for the idea contribution, Eddi! Was this working differently for you in V2 Pro? V2 didn't support Multi Network either. From your description of how you're using Multi Network it sounds like you are using it more for Domain Mapping than for creating multiple independent networks in a single WordPress installation. Am I missing something here?

    Multi Network support would be a very large undertaking because it adds its own site / data organization on top of WordPress / separate from the built-in sites tables.

    If you are only mapping domains to sites, maybe Domain Mapping ( would be better for this? It is fully supported by the Cloner as along as you don't clone a site with domain mapping active (because then two sites will have the same domain mapped).

    Please clarify if I haven't understood your request correctly. Thanks!!!

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