Theme Structure

This section covers information about the main theme sections. 2.1 Locations 2.2 Products 2.3 Parent Categories

2.1 Locations

PowerStore theme include “Locations” as a post type. This is used to add stores or locations for your company allowing you to set the state or province for each location. The states are a taxonomy for the locations post type and have to be created manually.  

Location options

For each location you can set the state, add a featured image, add contact information, add a map image, add owner information, social links and buttons, as well as Yelp and Google Places reviews.   Powerstore Theme: Location options  

Customer reviews

In each location you can add customer reviews, including the Title, Date, Rating, Author name and review.   Powerstore Theme: Customer reviews  

URL structure

The URL structure for locations is: + locations + {state} + {location name} For example: You can also display all the locations in a state like this: / locations / {state} /

2.2 Products

The PowerStore theme includes “Products” as a post type whether WooCommerce is installed and active or not. In case WooCommerce is installed and active the Products will work and behave as usual in WooCommerce, as well as the possibility of creating a photo gallery for the product.   Powerstore Theme: Woocommerce product   In case WooCommerce is not installed or not active you will still have the possibility to create product photo galleries, list options and prices, and serve as a catalogue without the shop functionality.   Powerstore Theme: Powerstore product   If the site will function as online shop it is recommended to enable WooCommerce before creating products. PowerStore theme includes the functionality to convert products created in the basic mode (without WooCommerce) to WooCommerce variable products, please visit the WooCommerce Product Conversion section for further information.

2.3 Parent Categories

PowerStore theme includes a parent categories manager for products which can be found in Products -> Parent Categories.   Powerstore Theme: Parent categories   The parent categories are Wordpress taxonomies with some custom functionality which will help you take full advantage of the PowerStore theme.   Powerstore Theme: Parent categories   Parent categories will allow you to configure the name for singular and plural categories and choose to display the taxonomies filter in the taxonomy archive. To hide or display the taxonomies filter in the taxonomy archive go to Products->{your-custom-taxonomy} and edit any of the terms, in the edit page you will see the option "Display Taxonomy Filter".  Powerstore Theme: Custom taxomony display filter  

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