5.1 WooCommerce Product Conversion 5.2 Google Analytics 5.3 Theme Updates 5.4 Source and Credits

5.1 WooCommerce Product Conversion

If the site will function as online shop it is recommended to enable WooCommerce before starting to create products, but PowerStore theme includes the functionality to convert products created in the basic mode (without WooCommerce) to WooCommerce variable products. When converting the basic productos to WooCommerce, each Product Option (see image) created in the basic producto will be converted to a variation of the WooCommerce product. Powerstore Theme: Product Options
  To convert basic products to WooCommerce products WooCommerce must be enabled, then
  1. Go to Theme Options -> Global Powerstore Theme: Global settings
  2. Click on Convert to WooCommerce variable products (important! this cannot be undone) Powerstore Theme: WooCommerce product conversion
  3. Wait for succesfull response Powerstore Theme: WooCommerce product conversion
  That's it! Product converted. You can run the conversion everytime the theme detects that there are basic products created not converted.

5.2 Google Analytics

PowerStore theme comes with the option to include Google Analytics code in the head of the site without the need of third-party extensions. To add your google analytics code:
  1. Go to Theme Options->CSS & Analytics Powerstore Theme: CSS & Analytics
  2. Enable Google Analytics Powerstore Theme: Enable Google Analytics
  3. Enter your code Powerstore Theme: Google Analytics Code
  4. Save the Theme Options Powerstore Theme: Save Changes

5.3 Theme Updates


5.4 Source and Credits

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