NS FBA - How to Handle Both Automatic and Manual Fulfillment with WooCommerce and FBA

NS FBA for WooCommerce supports automatic and manual fulfillment with WooCommerce using FBA – in a single order! It facilitates this powerful functionality by detecting when a customer has added both an FBA-fulfilled product and a non-FBA product to the same cart. The customer still has a single, seamless checkout process. And every product that can be sent from WooCommerce to FBA for fulfillment is handled automatically by NS FBA.

However, the goodness doesn’t stop there. NS FBA also sets the order to a custom status called “Partial to FBA” when it has detected that both types of products were ordered by a customer. It alerts you as the store owner of this condition with a custom icon on the main order list page so that you know you also need to take manual fulfillment action on that order at a glance. Here are examples of all the custom order statuses and icons in NS FBA for WooCommerce:



As you can see, NS FBA is a powerful solution that can elegantly handle complex, combination fulfillment scenarios. For businesses who sell products through WooCommerce that they want to both fulfill automatically through Fulfillment by Amazon and fulfill manually through another method, NS FBA for WooCommerce is the perfect solution. It supports both fulfillment methods even in the same order.

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