Feature Walkthrough: Content and Users

The Content and Users feature is part of the most complete and best WordPress Cloner solution available anywhere. This additional premium plugin takes the powerful core features of the free NS Cloner and makes them flexible enough to handle almost any WordPress cloning scenario in the context of Multisite.

A WordPress Cloner Feature Built to handle Diverse Scenarios:

  1. Cloning a site over an existing site. The "template" or "source" site replaces the "target" site
  2. Replacing multiple existing sites with a designated "source" site in a single clone operation
  3. Copying content of only specific post types from the "source" site to the "target" site (for example only posts or pages)
  4. Copying combinations of default and custom post types to a new cloned site
  5. Adding additional administrator users to the new clone site automatically
  6. Copying all existing users associated with the "source" site to the "target" site
  7. Optionally including or excluding media and upload files
  8. Optionally updating file links to load from the new target site or point to the old original site

It Adds Loads of New and Powerful Features:

ns cloner clone over mode  ns cloner copy over existing sitesns cloner copy post types  ns cloner copy users

ns cloner copy media files

Tips and Tricks:

  1. All of the various features can be combined for even more flexible results. For example, you can use Clone Over Mode and copy content from only 1 post type to selectively add items to an existing site.
  2. NS Cloner Pro and NS Cloner Master both have additional features through the add-ons that are included with their purchase!

Future Plans for Content and Users Feature:

  1. We are working on making this feature even more flexible. In the near future it will support action combos on content handling. For example, in a single clone operation you'll be able to configure a combination of content-related results like: Merge Pages from old and new site, but only keep Posts from the existing site, and only keep a custom post type from the original site.
  2. We want to make it even simpler and we're planning to add easier quick options for common tasks like: copy ALL content / copy NO content, copy only Menus, etc.
  3. Have an idea you'd like to see included? Suggest it!

Stay Tuned!
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