New Site looks Messed up after Cloning in Subfolder Mode

Symptoms after Cloning:

  • The new cloned site looks messed up
  • Missing images
  • Broken stylesheets
  • Broken javasciript
  • 404 errors in the Browser Inspector

Applies to:

  • Multisite network installations running in Subdirectory mode (also called Subfolder mode)

Cause and Solutions:

The most likely cause is that your multisite configuration is not correct. Usually this particular issue is caused by not having the correct .htaccess file in place for the multisite subdirectory installation that you have. You can confirm that this particular cause is the most likely culprit by looking in your browser's inspector (right-click > Inspect Element) and examining the dropped resources. They will likely be a combination of images, CSS, and JS. The URLs that the site is looking for and cannot find (thus generating 404 erros) will match the pattern:

Please see this link for more information and try updating your .htaccess file to the correct one for multisite (using the Subfolder Example):

This is not a Cloner issue but a multisite configuration issue.

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