How to Call Ns Cloner to Copy Sites From Other Plugins

Have you ever wondered if there is an API or some way to automatically clone a site with PHP instead of using the NS Cloner interface?

Well, there is!

First, the setup:

/**  * Before doing anything: set up clone request data.  * These are the same fields that get submitted via an AJAX request when cloning  * via the admin interface, so you can inspect that request to determine other  * ways to configure the parameters, particularly if you're using NS Cloner Pro  * and have more options available.  * $request = array(  *     'clone_mode'     => 'core',  *     'source_id'      => 1, // any blog/site id on network  *     'target_name'    => 'subdomain-or-subdir,  *     'target_title'   => 'New Site Title',  *     'debug'          => 1 // optional: enables logs  * }  */  // Load WordPress (ONLY if invoking this from outside WordPress) // other plugins and themes do NOT need to do this. require( wp-load.php );

There are now two ways to run the Cloner:

  1. Immediately.
    • Pro: you can check for errors or success and access the result of the operation.
    • Con: will fail if another cloning process is already running.
  2. Scheduled.
    • Pro: control over timing, and will queue itself gracefully if another operation is running.
    • Con: there’s no easy way to access or verify the outcome of the operation.
// Method 1: immediate. // ###################  // Register request with the cloner. foreach ( $request as $key => $value ) {    ns_cloner_request()->set( $key, $value ); }  // Get the cloner process object. $cloner = ns_cloner()->process_manager;  // Begin cloning. $cloner->init();  // Check for errors (from invalid params, or already running process). $errors = $cloner->get_errors(); if ( ! empty( $errors ) ) {    // Handle error(s) and exit }  // Last you'll need to poll for completion to run the cleanup process // when content is done cloning. Could be via AJAX to avoid timeout, or like: do {    // Attempt to run finish, if content is complete.    $cloner->maybe_finish();    $progress = $cloner->get_progress();    // Pause, so we're not constantly hammering the server with progress checks.    sleep( 3 ); } while ( 'reported' !== $progress['status'] );  // Once you've verified that $progress['status'] is 'reported', // you can get access the array of report data (whether successful or failed) via: $reports = ns_cloner()->report->get_all_reports();

OR (don’t do both 1 and 2):

// Method 2: scheduled. // #################### ns_cloner()->schedule->add(    $request,          // array of request data as specified above    time(),            // timestamp of date/time to start cloning - use time() to run immediately    'Your Plugin Name' // name of your project, required but used only for debugging );

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