How to Trigger Cloning from Custom Code or Another Plugin

 * Set up the cloning request.
 * These are the same fields that get submitted via an AJAX request when cloning via the
 * admin interface, so you can inspect that request to determine other ways to configure
 * the parameters, particularly if you're using NS Cloner Pro and want to use another
 * clone mode (like clone-over or teleport / remote cloning)
 $request = array(
    'clone_mode'   => 'core',
    'source_id'    => 1, // any blog/site id on network
    'target_name'  => 'subdomain-or-subdir',
    'target_title' => 'New Site Title',
    'debug'        => 1

// Load WordPress (ONLY if invoking this from outside WordPress).
// Other plugins and themes do NOT need to do this.
require_once( 'wp-load.php' );

// This is required to bootstrap the required plugin classes.

// This will create a background process via WP Cron to run the cloning operation.
   time(), // timestamp of date/time to start cloning - use time() to run immediately
   'Your Plugin Name' // name of your project, required but used only for debugging

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