Shipping Settings

To configure shipping options in WooCommerce for FBA:

  1. Understand that Amazon handles massive fulfillment quantities via contracts with numerous national and international shipping companies. If you were shipping the products yourself, you’d use UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. But when fulfilling with Amazon, the actual shipping process is a black box. You need not be concerned with who Amazon uses to ship products to your customers.Because of this…
  2. Understand that you have no access to the exact “shipping rate” from Amazon carriers. Standard shipping rate calculators cannot be used in your cart to accurately quote prices on your WooCommerce store because FBA is also charging other fees for their service. Amazon posts these fees in their Multi-Channel Fulfillment Fee Structure:
  3. Set up and save shipping methods in your WooCommerce store. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping and see Shipping – WooCommerce to get started.
  4. Look at the shipping charges for your region using the Multi-Channel Fulfillment Fee Structure mentioned in step #2 and enter shipping costs accordingly. For example:
    • Flat Rate Standard: This could be for FBA Standard/normal shipping and it should add the cost that FBA will charge you.
    • Flat Rate Expedited: This could be for FBA Expedited, offering faster service. Create another flat rate with a higher cost
    • Flat Rate Priority: This is could be for FBA Priority, offering fastest service. Create another flat rate and give it the highest cost.
    • Free Shipping (optional): This could be a substitute for FBA Standard, if you wish to offer free shipping for products.
  5. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > FBA Order Fulfillment Settings.
  6. Map one WooCommerce shipping method per Amazon FBA Shipping Speed, using the dropdown menu:
    • Standard
    • Expedited
    • Priority

    WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment FBA Shipping

  7. Select a DEFAULT Shipping Speed as a fallback.Should you fail to see shipping methods you need in the dropdown menus, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping and double-check your shipping methods. Shipping methods must be configured and active for the plugin to detect and allow you to map.
  8. Save changes.

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