How to Configure Product Bundles

If your Woocommerce setup incorporates the use of Woocommerce Product Bundles, great! WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment works alongside any extensions or add-ons for Woocommerce.

When adding and configuring bundle products, the key point to understand is that bundles aren’t products themselves, bundles just add individual products to an order all at once.

The individual products within the bundle product are the items that will be sent to FBA. This means that all of your individual products within your bundle must be configured to “Fulfill with Amazon FBA” under the Shipping section of your Products Woocommerce Product Data settings.

WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment Product Bundles

Bundle products should NEVER have the option to Fulfill with Amazon FBA – only the individual products.

WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment Product Bundles

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