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How to Set up Shipping in WooCommerce for WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment

If you are new to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Multi-Channel Fulfillment (sales outside there are some important concepts to understand about how shipping and shipping charges will work when automating your fulfillment with something like WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce. Amazon Fulfillment deals in massive quantities and has huge contracts with numerous national and international shipping companies. If you were shipping the products yourself, you'd use UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. But when fulfilling with Amazon the actual shipping component is a black-box. You don't have to worry about who Amazon uses to get your product to your customer.

The other side of this is that you have no access to the exact "shipping rate" Amazon has to pass through to your customer. It's impossible to use things like standard shipping rate calculators in your cart to drive the shipping prices on your WooCommerce site and configuration. What Amazon will charge you per order is documented in their Multi-Channel Fulfillment Fee structure (this might differ from region to region).

So, what you need to do is decide on a flat rate structure or tiered structure that you can configure in WooCommerce (or available shipping extensions) to cover your costs for the shipping speeds you want to offer.

How to use Shipping Speeds in WooCommerce FBA

The Never Settle extension for WooCommerce FBA supports the following shipping speeds defined by Fulfillment by Amazon's MWS API:

  1. Standard
  2. Expedited
  3. Priority

The WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment plugin allows you to map any one shipping method in your cart settings to each of these shipping speeds with a fallback default in case the actual order shipping method doesn't match your settings. What's great is that WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment detects all the active shipping methods you have configured in WooCommerce and lets you select which ones you want to map to which Amazon Shipping Speeds!

NS FBA Shipping Speed Settings

We recommend is that you look at the published rates for your region and various shipping speeds as well as your historical data order data in FBA (if available) and then configure your shipping methods in WooCommerce to cover those costs. Usually the best thing to do is have all flat rates for each shipping speed you are going to provide by setting up a shipping zone:

  • Flat Rate Standard [this will be for FBA standard / normal shipping and it should add the cost that FBA will charge you]
  • Flat Rate Expedited [this is optional, but if you want to offer faster service, create another flat rate and it should have a higher cost]
  • Flat Rate Priority [this is optional, but if you want to offer fastest service, create this as well and give it the highest cost]

This could also include a "free shipping" rate if you want to just include the costs in your product price and offer free shipping as the Standard.

If you don't see what you would expect in the drop-downs, then please double-check your WooCommerce Shipping configurations. WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment will detect both WooCommerce methods and other shipping methods added by extensions and plugins. However, the methods have to be active for WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment to allow you to map them.

Please always make sure you are using the latest versions of WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment and WooCommerce.

Consult the MWS and FBA documentation for more specifics about how Amazon handles Shipping Speeds. Shipping method service level agreements vary by marketplace. See the Amazon Seller Central website in your marketplace for shipping method service level agreements and fulfillment fees. There might be additional and varying fees associated with the different speeds.

What about Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, Amazon only offers Prime shipping for purchases made directly through Amazon. Here is more information:

Which states: "Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders do not qualify for FREE Shipping or Amazon Prime."

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